Our Values

We are United Chemicals.

We are Universal.

Today, we work with worldwide manufacturing industries in five continents, providing advanced chemical treatment technologies and extensive technical service to solve industrial applications. We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our customers across the world as we are “universally united”. Our close standing with the market and flexible business structure allow us to adapt to our customers’ needs efficiently and effortlessly. In our state-of-the-art fully automated plant with a modern R&D laboratory and an integrated application laboratory, we try to satisfy our customer needs through continuous production and innovative solutions.

We are Unique.

Innovation has always been our strongest trait as we are “united by innovation”. Our prime objective has always been focusing on innovation in our working environment to make a difference. Our trust in R&D and our application laboratory help us systematically work on improving our product range and developing fashion articles so that our customers are always ahead and “uniquely different” as we believe their success is our success.

We are United.

Every action we take is for sustaining the people, community, and the environment. Therefore, we have not only built a positive working environment with many benefits for our colleagues, but we are also working on creating a sustainable future. Therefore, as United Chemicals, we have initiated a series of corporate responsibility movement called “We are United”.

We are United” is a corporate responsibility project that focuses on sustainable future around the globe. For every product our customers purchase, we are donating around 1% of our profit to local charities in our customers’ local areas. For every cent our customers donate, we are also donating one cent. Our main target is to reduce educational inequality around the globe and support girls at school age. Our projects include (but not limited to) building libraries for school age children, building science laboratories at schools, providing scholarships for girls at school age and for women in STEM degrees, and donating educational kits (books and stationary materials) to students. We are also collaborating with our customers to have a better understanding of the needs in their local areas.

We are also working for a greener future. With the help of our ERP system, we can calculate our carbon footprint. We support forestation projects locally and globally to reverse the effects of our carbon footprint.

We are Uninterrupted.

As United Chemicals, we are focused on our customers’ needs. We are open and honest with our customers and organizations. With our good listening and problem-solving skills and fast approach, we assure your needs are fulfilled. Our sales team always has your “uninterrupted attention”. When we commit, you can count on us.

We are Unidirectional.

We know where we are good at, and we participate where we can excel. We make realistic promises and keep them. We aim for “unidirectional success”.