Building a participatory and an equal society is an undeniable fact of human development and value-creating growth. For this, we provide a work environment free from discrimination to all our colleagues, based on the concept of equality, which is one of the most important building blocks of our social culture. We care that all our employees feel valued and equal, regardless of religion, language, race, gender or ethnicity.


We know that if we want to continuously improve our production and service quality, we need to work with employees who train themselves in every field and are open to continuous development and change.

Our corporate goals can be achieved with happy employees; we are continuously improving our working environment and give full support to our employees for their personal development.

In this context, our main goal is;

  • Highly motivated
  • Aiming to increase creativity and aiming constant success
  • Disciplined, planned and meticulous in his/her work
  • Solution-oriented
  • Taking responsibility
  • Keeping up with the developments related to the job,
  • And creating an employee profile that is constantly improving its work and itself.


Our human resource needs are determined by the annual human resources needs plan, which is prepared in line with our goals and strategic plans.

In line with the annual human resources needs plan are primarily tried to be met from among our current employees. In cases where the need cannot be met by our employees, job applications made on Kariyer.Net are evaluated.

The selection of suitable candidates for the relevant position from the job application pool where all applications are collected is made by the Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Department. Candidates whose personal and technical (job-based) competencies are determined as a result of the preliminary interview; They are taken to the second interview with the participation of the relevant Department Managers. After this interview, the most suitable candidate for the job is determined and the necessary procedures are carried out to start working with us. All other candidates interviewed for the relevant position are notified of the result, and the job application forms are kept for further re-evaluation in suitable positions.

Our newly hired employees are subjected to an orientation training program defined in accordance with the task they will perform. The purpose of the orientation training is for our employees to get to know our company and quickly adapt to the job they will do.


A target and competency-based performance management system model is implemented in our company. In this direction, attainable but challenging, measurable and concrete targets are determined for our employees and these criteria are measured regularly in the calendars defined by our performance management system. In addition to concrete goals, position-based competency expectations are determined based on our corporate competency model and shared with our employees. The results obtained in our performance management system are used effectively in areas such as remuneration, rewarding, career management and identifying training needs.


In the performance evaluations made in our company, our employees, who can be used in a more effective task than the one they perform, are prepared for the relevant duties, and when necessary, our employee, who was trained without looking for external personnel, is assigned to his new position. In this way, the motivation of our employees and their loyalty to our Company are increased. Our main element in the career management plans we implement is to apply a fair, reliable and sustainable management model.


Annual training needs of our employees are determined by;

  • Our company's goals,
  • strategic plans,
  • vision and mission,
  • Professional knowledge and development needs of our employees,
  • Performance management system results,
  • Career planning for our employees.

Our training activities are carried out and followed up in line with the Annual Training Plan determined at the beginning of each year.These trainings are;

  • Business knowledge and skill development trainings
  • Personal and vision development trainings


The wages of our employees are based on:

  • Competitiveness in the market
  • Retaining and attracting qualified HR
  • Motivating
  • Being fair

A job analysis study was carried out within the framework of the principle of 'salary according to the job'. Job evaluation was made and a fair and consistent remuneration system was determined according to the scale of the job groups created.

In addition to their salaries, our employees benefit from a broad social allowance package including;

-          Holiday allowance

-          Marriage allowance

-          Birth allowance

-          Tuition allowance

-          Natural gas allowance

All of our employees benefit from the medical service at our workplace; in addition to their complementary private health insurance application, together with their family members.


We are encouring and supporting our employees to attend in social events such as theater plays, concerts, opera and ballet performances.


In our factory, an effective internship experience is offered to high school, college and university students who continue their education, especially in the field of chemistry. During the internship, it is aimed that the students get maximum benefit from the internship by providing effective communication between our company and the students.